What is Robotics?

In these workshops, children will work with technology to design, build, and operate robots. Children will work with robots like Softbank Robotics NAO and LEGO Mindstorms to program robots to interact with humans while having a lot of fun. For additional information on NAO, click here and for more information on LEGO Mindstorms click here.


CODEit delivered a SoftBank NAO Robotics workshop at Clifton College.  Read it more here…

“Hands-on workshops, easy to learn. The children loved it!”

Head of ICT

“The best thing during the CODEit workshop was that we got to build and play fun games”


“CODEit  delivered the insight we needed to get better aligned with the new ICT programming curriculum required since September 2014”


Pupils projects

SoftBank Robotics NAO

NAO working and learning

nao-3 nao-2



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